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Contact via Email or Phone with your ideas or requirements.


Your Image data can then be sent to me via email attachment please contact me for more details

The canvas can then be picked up, dropped off or posted out to you via royal mail recorded delivery when ready.


Your personal details and data will never be passed on to any third party..




About Me:


Chris: Computer Technician / Graphics Designer / Systems Engineer / Network & Software Solutions / Digital Photography.



I am a family man in my 40`s, do alot for local charities and a keen photographer with an interest in computer graphics...I don`t make any profit with or from this website just try to cover my costs where possible, but would like to include it into a fulltime business one day.....

The website was designed and developed while I was in the final stages of recovering from a serious road traffic accident.


I have been involved in Computers, Domains and electronics since the early 80`s, T.A.S. , Moores, Tandy, Wilsons and British Telecom are some of the companies I have worked for, most people may know me from a well known local business computer services company, who covered North West business systems but did alot on the domestic side locally or even from the area where I live.

Lets say I have time to kill and friends to make, so while doing canvas pictures for the photography trade, friends and family I have also rewrote and restyled the website.

As you can see, I try to make things look different and pleasing to the eye and not just like an editing tool has plonked something together.


I like to take pride in most things I do and try to bring a smile to the face with the products I make.

If you get to know me you will find that I am a very honest and trustworthy person, who will not think twice about going that extra mile.





Swiss Alps - June 2006




Website Information


A few questions have been asked about the website style, graphics and design.. So I will try and answer them here for all to see.

Background texture is actually a sheet of leather that was hung up to dry in the tannery, it caught my eye and I thought it would make a good backdrop skin (as it is skin after all ).

The digata robot was an idea from a friend, he was designed with digital data, Computers and websites in mind, he is called Ebytes. But the computer side of things have been put to the side for now since loss of job due to my accident.

The style was my idea of the floating webpage from my last website, I also wanted to stay away from the white page again and decided to use a graphical skin as not many people have slow bandwith these days.




More About Me


I now live on the outskirts of Warrington and find myself putting in a lot of hours doing canvas work, which I enjoy. I have built a new workshop / printroom to work and hold the 3 large option printers.

I will include some images soon as im updating the website and if you see me around, say hi, you will not miss my car reg plate of D16ATA.







more soon

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