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Unusual Canvas Types



The Worlds Smallest

it`s a girl Canvas


Some people give cards at the birth of a child, but a canvas was used as a special gift idea and ended up as my smallest canvas creation yet.

With a 6" x 4" frame painted white and 12mm thick sections, im sure it will find a space to hang for years to come.




A can of coke made a great stand for this 6 inch canvas





The Trivas



Is this the first 3 sided canvas picture?

I was asked if it would be possible to put the Wolves logo to canvas on a 3 sided frame, well it is now finished and a couple of images are at the base of this page.


The frame was hand cut, mitred and routed to the exact size and angles needed... It was then fine sanded and satin painted blue, the image put to canvas and framed.

Because all 3 angles of the triange are not the same, the top section of the frame had to be wider.


The whole product was done to a high standard and protected, the canvas which is a one of a kind in more ways than one has been given to Warrington Wolves to hopefully hang in reception.

This project was done with the full intention of the finished item going to Warrington Wolves and to abide by all copyright laws. . - more info soon








The Decavas


The ten sided canvas framed photograph.


A family photograph was selected for this project and the finished Canvas was given to them at no charge and permission to display an image on this demo page granted.

The decagon shape was adjusted into a landscape decavas and the frame size was 510mm x 410mm


A Couple of images are at the base of this page - more info soon.







Demo Project Images



d6 d7
Trivas frame work
Trivas drying time
d8 d9
Decavas frame work
Decavas drying time





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