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I will not use cheap polyester canvas or low grade polycotton canvas, like some do to reduce there costs or increase there profit.. I only use a high grade/cotton content canvas and 100% cotton on my ice photo product.. And find that the canvas used to be long lasting, have good stretching abillity with no cracking and produce the quality thats deserved.


I use quality wooden canvas stretcher bar frames made in kent

for the main sizes, 38mm thick gallery frames for A1 or larger and 18mm thick routed frames for smaller set sizes.

Any size combination can be created using even numbers in inches eg, 12" x 18"

The main sizes of these frames are listed on the pricing and cost page, for all custom sizes that can be requested, I use quality hand made frames as in the picture below.


Traditinal stretching methods are used so not to overstretch or understretch, never hand stretched that will no doubt produce the canvas to slack, buldge or bag within two weeks..

On my hand made frames the edges are glued and the back pinned, the canvas is then sealed with a Matt, Satin or Gloss protection.. The ink used is fully UV protected against colour fade.


The canvas is stretched around a wooden hand mitred frame that has been painted satin white or stained..

Extra protected sealing layers can also be added and mounting bracket, a few other minor finnishing touches to produce the quality to the final product required, the image continues around the sides so the frame is not visable but pride is still taken to produce that quality frame.

Lots of time and costs can be involved for me to produce a high quality product for you at a low end price.. But remember I don`t do this for profit reasons.


Prices Start at £5 because a small product can produce a lot of waste canvas, where a medium sized product of 400mm could only cost you £10 or a 500mm sized product cost £15..... It is hard to give a price on every sized product as costs and waste may be different, but I will always give the best quote possible for the quality and size and the quote will be the final price paid, no hidden extras added ect.. I will put in a lot of time and effort to produce that special one off canvas you require, at no extra cost.. For example: a photo of your son dressed in his football kit, and then added him into a photograph of his favorate football team and produced a one off canvas.. You will only pay for the canvas quoted on.



A Hand made frame



Hangers and felt corners can be added to the rear.






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